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change your look in four easy steps!



Pick Your Style

Let’s start with the easiest part, choosing your hairstyle or the look you want to achieve. From Waves to Dreads, our human hair units makes it easier to achieve a natural looking finish.



Pick Your Base!

Choose between Lace or PU.


Our lace hair system is the most breathable for your scalp but provides the least durability.

MAINTENANCE TIP: Its vented freestyle makes it delicate.


Our poly system provides maximum durability, great for guys with an active lifestyle.

MAINTENANCE TIP: Its two-layer, clear base makes it sturdy and easier to clean.

Each unit come on a 8” x 10” base and will require cut to fit.



Pick Your Color!

Choose your color. Our color option are below

1 - jet black, 1B - black, 2 - brown, Black/30% grey, Black/10% grey



Get your Starter kit!

Don’t forget your Starter Kit so you will have all the Product you need. Also available as add on with hair unit.



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I've been looking for a barber with expertise in units and I am very pleased to say that Mickey is that and more! I am a 39 year old man with thinning hair, who now looks 15 years younger thanks to Mickey Da Barber! 


IG: @Mactrucc_wesboxly



If you ask me how I’m doing, without blinking an eye, I’m going to tell you Blessed & Highly Favored! So to find a Barber like Mickey was a Blessing that was right on time! “Blessed Hands” is what I like to call her, because her skills & talents are an absolute Blessing to so many including myself! I’m 28, and to feel and look 28 is a Blessing bestowed in itself! Mickey’s bring sexy Back!


IG: mikee__ray