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Mickey Da barber helpful tips

At this time, you have received your unit and you’re wondering what’s the best way to maintain it, here’s how:

 1. Always wrap your head with a Du-rag, stocking cap, or scarf.

Be careful pulling off.


2. Yes, you can brush your unit but try not to brush excessively.

Only brush when really needed.

For units with more hair, you can use a curl sponge to twist or curl the hair on top.


3. Yes, the unit can get wet.

Nothing will happen but try to avoid drenching your unit.

Wear a Du-rag or shower cap when showering.


4. If unit lifts or loosens up, don't panic. Use a Q-tip to clean area with alcohol lightly.

Next, apply a small amount of adhesive/glue with a small brush (not too much to avoid having it seep through unit), wait about 3 minutes and light reattach unit to area, use blow dryer to dry faster.


5. You can add hair fibers to the front of your shape up line or to other areas you see fit. Apply a holding spray.


If for any reason you still have questions you can visit us at for more info.

Your unit is fine. No one can detect a great one. Don't get too paranoid or mess with it too much. Taking these steps in caring for your unit will keep it looking crisp longer. Enjoy it! We appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed your experience and our product!